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How to do the middle one.  I cant do it for an hour dayum help me!!!

Heyho, blekbek!
Here's a handy guide for ya:

Hope this helps!
Stay funky,

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would someone help me out with Gimotika's Cemetery? I'm so confused

i'm trying to do the skeliton himt and the tombstone map hint r whatever, but i don't know how to solve it, can anyone help me?

the tome stone puzzle i mentwas the spelling the word join, how am I supposed to do that?


Ok just get the bell from the shop and put lim lim infront of the circular cave where it says to be quiet then put mil mil (ghost) on the i of the word "JOIN" on the dirt of the ground that should do it


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I ssomehow managed to complete all of the puzzles except the one with the green arrows and the white and red lines. I feel like they have something to do with the green arrows but the way the arrows are facing confuse me way too much. Can anyone help me with this?

Heyho, Jahi326!
This really is a hard one - try to find the green arrows in the main window and then take a closer look at the ground tiles. Also, keep your slimes' heads warm ;)
Hope that helps! Stay funky,

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Hey can I get a hint, I got past the split lazers part but  I'm  not sure what to do next.


Heyho, aeclark20!
Sure thing! Check out the snowmans, they might resemble certain letters ;) Also, some secrets might be seen directly on the ground tiles!
Stay funky,

I got all of them but the COLD one is just way too hard for me. I get that it has to do with the snowmen and the hats, but I tried putting them in all different combinations and it still not works.

nevermind, that one was way too easy, I'm just stupid.


Heyho, gatimoro!
Haha no problem and congrats for solving the puzzle!
It's quite hard for my standards, so - well done!
Stay funky,

Rei manageds to solve the slashes parts of the last puzzle, but she's... reallies not sures how. She was tryings to plot out the course she thought it was indicatings one step at a times, an' the first step mades it clear.

Heyho, Nezuneko!
Haha yeah, this one was quite hard! Kudos for solving it!
Take care and stay funky,


i have gotten the first three how do i do the last one??

Heyho, jbkceleqn!
Well done getting the first three! If you're missing the last one, the solution lies in the ground tiles ... Look for the triangles first, though ;)
Enjoy and stay funky,

I liked the game =D
Nice Art and ideas!
Here to share some of the things I experienced while playing, hoping it might help somehow =P
-For the longest time I thought that the window on the left bottom side (Where you pick the tools the slimes hold) was some sort of ad for another similar game or something of the sorts.
In my brain the only way I could explain having the same characters twice was that one of those wasn't related. =(
-At first didn't realize you could use the slimes from the first puzzle and the crystals from the second on the next couple of puzzles (until I moved one crystal on accident and the machine/laser didn't turn off)
-I manage to solve em all, but the main issue I see is that there isn't much feedback or ways to realize if what I'm doing is right or wrong.
Maybe only one of the steps was off, but how could I which one it was, other than just trying until it worked.
The brute force aspect of it makes me feel like I'm dumb and diminishes the actual solving of the puzzle accomplishment.
Or at least that's what I felt =P
Still nice game, can't wait for the next one =D

Heyho, TheAstra!
Thank you for the detailed feedback, that helps me a lot! I've actually incorporated some of it into the next episode (check it out here:, and some of your issues would be alleviated while playing the full game because it has a tutorial - it's always a bit difficult if you're thrown into the game like in those standalone releases, that's true.
Thanks for playing and commenting, man!
Stay funky,

I figured it out but it doesn't feel like it's because I'm smart :/

Heyho, nightmareofmarz!
If you figured it out, you are smart, plain and simple :)
Take care and stay funky,

Nevermind i finished the game and took me 37


Heyho, nikki10832!
Well done! That's actually a pretty good time!
Take care and stay funky,

how do i make the girl shoot the laser

This game is visually very well designed, everything looks stylish and professional. 
But I think this game is for very high IQ people only..   -  I got stuck quite early on, not really knowing what to do, haha. Stupid me. 
I do respect the cryptic nature tho. 

Heyho, nebelstern!
Thank you, and don't worry - these are the hardest puzzles I have designed so far, and many people struggle with them.
If you need a guide, I've just finished a player-friendly one:
Enjoy and stay funky,

For the Second Quest, what is that big thing shooting laser ? I have  Put two Snowman in that Crystal and put the  Orange Slime in a Tetris Shape on the left of the floor, but it does nothing ?

Heyho, StupidSimp!
The two big things: Take a closer look at the statues, one of them is different.
Tetris shape is correct, snowmen need to be where the slimes were once before ;)
Thanks for playing and stay funky!

your left corner hint makes no since for the tetris puzzle

Heyho, kytevoltic!
Haha yeah, I thought I'd make it a bit harder but it's already hard enough as it is. Next version will have the block facing in the correct direction.
Thanks for playing and stay funky!

ok i managed to beat it but the tetris block hint took me the longest to figure, would have been better if it was facing in the correct direction. The other puzzle were quite fun, the bottom left one in particular was quite challenging  until i found what the green arrows  on the left represented (found directly what the  symbols on the far right represented), then it was a simple question of following the instructions, top one was quite easy but the bottom one took me a bit.

Heyho, protonthunder!
Thanks for playing and for your feedback!
I agree with the tetris block facing in the correct direction, I'll revamp the hint to indicate that better.
Well done with the 4th puzzle! For me, this would be the most difficult one, too. So, good work , man! :)
Take care and stay funky,


i was able to find how to pass the crystal order but after that i'm completely clueless
when i did the game of the series of "the room"  i thought i knew how to resolve puzzle but there is too many things that i don't understand

Heyho PSRZaskaR!
Thank you very much for your feedback! This puzzle really is a bit on the harder side (especially compared to my other games), so I'd appreciate any input you can give me. E.g. do you have any leads on how one or several of the puzzles might work?
Thanks and stay funky,

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iu already did the cold and lazer one but the one at the bottom i was thinking it was to find  a spot where to put our beloved slime but no and the central one with a and b i thought it might have a hint with the stick of the snowman but nothing have worked so far. update i finallt found the middle hint. okay i found all the hint and unlock the picture the last one was really tough

thanks for those puzzle they were really good

Thanks! You're quite right with the "put a slime in a certain spot" part - the 4th hint is mostly a series of directions.
Also, you're on the right track with the snowman sticks :)


God, I'm too dumb for these puzzles dude.

Hey, gorl!
Hahaha yeah, they're a bit harder this time for sure - it might take a while to find a good balance. If I may ask, were you able to do the first two?
Thanks and stay funky,


I did the top "cold" hint and the one to the right with the split lasers. I'm struggling to figure out what the orange slime inside the tetris piece means.

The tetris stone mimics an area inside the checked floor pattern (look to the left side) - let me know if that hint was good enough for you to solve the puzzle.

It did, but the laser thing I did by accident.  I'm at a loss with the 4th hint, I recognize the 2 symbols(red n green) on the right, but no idea what to do with that

Thanks! For the 4th hint, I planned to kinda make a coded map, so you start with the symbols at the left (green triangle down/green triangle up) and work your way through the symbols (arrows = directions, slashes = cracks in the stones). The last symbols indicate the cap you have to wear.