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In Millow level, I don't know how to get the 6th heart, does anyone know?

Hey KevZep!
Thanks for playing! Sorry, I don't remember exactly, but the next version will have a player-friendly guide available - stay tuned and stay funky,

Redfang is locked even after completing all others

Heyho, BrunoSupremo!
Try to play the tutorial again, it should work after that.
Have fun and stay funky,

Thanks, it worked. Makes sense as it is the second stage, i thought it was just out of order and it would be a "high level" stage, after the last ice stage.

If you are adding content to early game, does it that mean we will get more on existing stages? The Xelda stage have some arrow item in it that lead to no result, there is only the green and red jewel scenes

Awesome! Yeah, I'm adding the stages 'out of order' if I have the feeling something is missing and needs a tutorial stage :D
And yes, there will also be more content on existing stages (and of course new stages)!

Thanks for playing!



Heyho, boobies, I mean mooizers! ;)



really enjoyed this, esp the sexclusive stuff thanks to patreon. the whole time shifting concept is genuinely interesting

tbh i'd love to see a trans woman in your cartoony style, though thats a bit wish fufilly lol

Heyho, Jackielope!
Thanks, glad you enjoy the game! I answered you over on Patreon, too btw :)
Seeya and stay funky,

will you have to pay for the steam versio

Heyho, da_real_james!
Yeah :)
Stay funky,

Will the version on Steam be the same as the "Sexclusive Edition" from your Patreon? The Steam version is not available in my country.

Heyho, Dorjn!
Thanks for playing! Yes, that's what planned right now, but I'll probably have something extra for the Patreon still.
Which country are you in?
Stay funky,


Still can't figure out the final one for the ice lady with the lines and slashes

Guess i am just dum


Heyho, Reaper25796!
Don't worry, those puzzles are indeed pretty hard.
Try to find the green triangles first and then take a good look at the ground tiles ;)
Have fun and stay funky,


It freezes when I click on the "confirm cookies" or "continue without saving" buttons. The music mute button works until I click one of the other buttons.  I am using firefox 88.01 64-bit and only have cookies blocked for known trackers

Heyho, Dr. Fragenstien!
Thanks for reporting! Hmm, I have to say I'm out of my league here - if you block cookies, I can't really say anything about what happens to the saves. I'll look into it, but no promises.
Stay funky,

Just had a look at the console logs on my machine running 88.0.1 (64-bit)

I've got an uncaught exception? 


Heyho, etheral point!
I'm gonna be frank and admit that I have no clue what that means ;)
I'll pass this on to Oni, maybe she knows what to make of it!
Thanks and stay funky,


How do i get the key on the chain?

you go under it on the steps.

Yepp, that's it! :)