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Made withGDevelop, PixiJS
Tags2D, Animals, Cute, Fantasy, Mouse only, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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I just don't get what to do for the bottom left and right puzzle. I have no idea of what I'm supposed to do.


Heyho, ShadeEye!

Maybe this guide can help:

Thank you for playing and stay funky,

Hi Dezue,

thanks so much for the reply! Now I got it! :D (I always put the two guys one tile too far to the right for the bottom left one^^) 
I would love to buy a view of your games at Steam but Steam Germany has been allergic to sexy content for the last two years.
So if you happen to publish them on another site as well, I'm happy to pay you for your awesome work.




Well done! :) glad you enjoy the game, man!

And yeah, being an adult game player in Germany sucks… I have plans to release the full game on itch, but this might take a while still.
If you want to enjoy the full game in the meantime, there's always the Patreon version, though -

Thank you for playing and stay funky!


help with the candle puzzle


Use the slime as the giraffe under the wall, then one of the elephant as a lion on the middle candle and on with fire with the fire facing the candle. I need help with the poop puzzl


Same here but do you know how to do the top left puzzle?

The elephant, the giraffe and the meerkat all have to be happy. The chart explains what makes them happy and what not, the tip is to burn the bush with the slime so the elephant and the giraffe can be happy together

Heyho, guys!
The ShadowPizza already has a great tip for the candle puzzle, as for the poop:
Some animals kinda resemble some other animals poop...
Also, the top left is kinda a (admittedly hard to read) diagram of what the different animals like and don't like.
Hope that helps! Enjoy and stay funky,


DEZ!!! I didnโ€™t know you participated or even knew how to use Gdevelop!!! How are ya? Nice game btw

Heyho, No Face!
Haha I love GDevelop :) I'm good, thanks - made a wee vacation right after the jam and now I'm back and ready for more!
How are you doing, everything alright?


good level, not too hard but makes the brain work at the same time, keep going the good work.

just a little graphic bug that ocure sometime, a caracter can turn black when changing form but that's all

Heyho, IAmirale!
Glad you enjoyed it :)
And thanks for reporting the bug, I'll look into it!
Stay funky,