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Tags2D, Arcade, Cute, Erotic, High Score, one-button, Short, Singleplayer, upgrades
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Really bor it


Hi! I'm interested in your games (especially "PinkOball Tentacle Tower (18+)" and "PinkOball Dating Alyssa (18+)"), but i would like to buy them on Steam: there are possibilities to see them on that platform?


i honestly really enjoy playing your games and it makes me want to stop being lazy and buy the patroen

Heyho, tk3333!
Thanks, man! Glad you have fun playing my games!
A new update to Smutty Scrolls is being released today, btw ;)
Enjoy and stay funky,


I'm really enjoying these games! <3

Is there a way I can pay a full price for the 'X'clusive content? Asking since it's uncomfortable to pay monthly and quit next month in... >.<


Heyho, Xandra~!
Thank you for playing, glad you like my games! :)
The SEXclusive Content is for Patrons only - however, it's fine to just be a Patron for one month if you can't or don't want to afford more. Every bit of support helps me out a lot! ❤️
Take care and stay funky,


I just wanted to say that I accidentally stumbled upon your stuff when browsing on newgrounds, and I love your work!  Your art is great, and your games are really fun! You've quickly become a favorite artist of mine. Keep up the great work!


Heyho, Boppyboy!
Aww man, thanks a lot! Glad you enjoy my stuff ❤️
Have a sexy weekend, my man, and stay funky!