Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, Adult, Arcade, Difficult, Erotic, Explosions, NSFW, Singleplayer


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I loved the demo just wish you could store extra balls. I cringed every time I hit a 3 or a 6 ball while I had 4 or 5 balls left to fire.

Heyho, KingSilverwolf!
Thanks for playing! Haha yeah, that hurts - nowadays, I would've designed it differently.
Stay funky,

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Hey Dezue!
I love the game. But I have a question.
My question isn't about the game but..
When you get the chance, can you donate to me? You look successful and i'm just asking for 5 dollars, nothing more. Jut donate me any number from 5 and under. Its ok to say no. If you aren't interested, just ignore this. God, I feel bad for asking you for money. Please forgive me.


why would you want 5 bucks from a nsfw artist


dude's fr broke to ask a nsfw dev for money


Heyho, Ganymall!
Time's are hard rn for sure, man...
Have a sexy weekend and stay funky,


Heyho, LastLonelySoul!
No worries, it's okay to ask - just where would I donate if I wanted to?
Hope you're well, stay funky,


Hey Dezue!
I have loved the game DEMO's I have tried, and are maybe looking try a month of SEXtented. My question is if I will be able to download the games, or if I can only play the games online? :) 

Hope everyone is save and sound! Much love, keep up the good work!


Heyho, 69poolparty69!
Thanks for playing and all the love back to you, too! The games on my Patreon are playable online.
Hope you're safe and sound too! Stay funky,

Not bad, love that you're continuing with this.

I do feel that this version would benefit from some sort of leveling-up mechanic, to make it feel a little less repetitive when you have to start over.

Heyho, TieDef!
Thanks, glad you like it :)
I love level up mechanics as well, and I'm actually in the process of making a framework for them for my next game(s). An upgradeable Lovu Lovu Blast game could be fun, I'll definitely explore that concept!
Have a sexy day and stay funky,


A lot better than the first version.

Heyho, shadree!
All thanks to the helpful feedback we got :)
I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Stay funky,