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Hey Dezue!
I love the game. But I have a question.
My question isn't about the game but..
When you get the chance, can you donate to me? You look successful and i'm just asking for 5 dollars, nothing more. Jut donate me any number from 5 and under. Its ok to say no. If you aren't interested, just ignore this. God, I feel bad for asking you for money. Please forgive me.

Hey Dezue!
I have loved the game DEMO's I have tried, and are maybe looking try a month of SEXtented. My question is if I will be able to download the games, or if I can only play the games online? :) 

Hope everyone is save and sound! Much love, keep up the good work!

Not bad, love that you're continuing with this.

I do feel that this version would benefit from some sort of leveling-up mechanic, to make it feel a little less repetitive when you have to start over.

Heyho, TieDef!
Thanks, glad you like it :)
I love level up mechanics as well, and I'm actually in the process of making a framework for them for my next game(s). An upgradeable Lovu Lovu Blast game could be fun, I'll definitely explore that concept!
Have a sexy day and stay funky,


A lot better than the first version.

Heyho, shadree!
All thanks to the helpful feedback we got :)
I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Stay funky,