Heyho, you funky sexy cruise captain!

Sail the seven seas, land in seven harbors and visit your seven love affairs!
This game was made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #5 and is NSFW.

Recommended browser: Firefox
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 Have fun playing and stay funky,
Dez & Oni


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well made game completed it on my second try keep up the good work!

Nice! Well done, man! Thanks for playing :)
Stay funky,


Wow, really nice game ! The Art is top, the controls are great and the small animations on the UI elements, the controls etc really help. Well done !

Thank you very much :) Glad you enjoy it!


Amazing fun little game, hehehehe~ Very creative! Simple mechanics but all the (s)Extra Juice makes it pop~ I give it 10 out 10 paw prints! Meow!

Mhmmm, paw prints ^_^
Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed your cruise :)
Stay funky,


Thank you for the game!
I liked how you have no information of how long do you have to hold the mouse in order to move ship for a certain distance. It involves guessing and developing an intuitive 'feel' of the game. As soon as you start acting too impatient or self-confident, the game will punish you by making to start over. Not unlike in sex you have to develop a feel of your partner to get and bring satisfaction, and will spoil the joy if act too hastly. So the core mechanic corresponds to the playfully-sextual tone of the game perfectly ;)

Heyho, Valerly! Thanks a ton for your poetic comment 💖Your words brought a smile to our faces :)
We're very glad you enjoyed the game!
Stay funky,


Simple but challenging game mechanic (or maybe im just too sleep deprived) Lovely graphics, and nice sound effects! Very cute and funky!

Thanks, my man! I feel you with the sleep deprivation :D
Glad you enjoyed the game! <3