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how to beat lvl 3

Heyho, ronald.smith!
Try to concentrate on the biggest enemies first ;)
Stay funky,

this game is so cool! can't wait to play the whole version!

Heyho, gatimoro!
Thanks, glad you have fun with it! :)
Stay funky,

It's an interesting concept, I like the gameplay, but the story could use a few touch-ups, may Skipper let you rest easily this evening good sir.

Heyho, theengineerpug9!
Thanks, glad you enjoy it! The story is highly 'in development' still, but I'll try to make it as interesting as possible :)
Rest easy too and stay funky,


I liked the game already but the added story hints intrigue me.

Heyho, shadree!
Glad you like it! More story bits (and thus, sexy encounters) are coming soon :)
Have a sexy weekend and stay funky,

Very entertaining and unique. Nice

Heyho, RoboPotatos!
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)
Stay funky,

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Thanks :)