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No idea if there's any chance of updating this game, but it really needs a reset button...

Heyho, Dezue

This game is REALLY GOOD, and that goes for all of your games!

Stay funky,


(Yes I did just copy your message)

*speaks in minecraft enchantment table*

Hahaha :D

cool but there is no room for error

Heyho, Bowsniper!
True, these games are kinda hard! Thank you for playing anyway :)
Stay funky,

Very cool but how is this intentional bugs for the wowie jam?

Heyho, 7threat!
Thank you for playing! Haha I started with "bugs/glitches" and then quickly went into "doctor who doesn't know what he's doing" :D
Stay funky,


gets a bit boring after few tries its fun tho


Heyho, TheFriendlySealStudio!
Thanks for playing! :)
Take care and stay funky,