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this was a cute game, reminds me of those old flash games I used to play in school lol

at one point I just decided to stop aiming

Enjoyed playing, as I recall... but not finding a way to reset the game.   Loads all powerups as default, which kinda destroys the challenge.

real good game

98/ 10

would play again

Good game, love it a lot you did a good job

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Doesn't work for me ): stays stuck on the "heyho you funky sexy arcade gamer" screen, the music is playing but clicking doesn't do anything... I'm on Chrome on a Mac if that helps

normally I don't have any issues with your games so I don't know what's different this time


Heyho, deCombys!
Sorry for that, my man! I think it has something to do with the browser blocking cookies (the games needs them to save data).
Maybe Firefox works better?
Stay funky,

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oh thanks for the reply! I went into my settings and indeed saw a cookie that was being blocked. I authorized it and now it works!! :D


Awesome! Have fun playing :)


Needs a gallery mode. Else it will take to long to "claim" your rewards.

I liked that this was a chill game (in that you couldn't die) but it is going from one extreme to another on difficulty...


Heyho, shadree!
Thanks for playing and for the feedback!
Haha true, the game strayed away from my usual difficulty quite a lot :D Some day I'll find a good middle ground (I hope XD).

Also, after you mentioned the gallery, I had a good idea on how to implement one even into the smaller games - thanks for the push! :)

Stay funky, my man.


Chillaxing game with nice art!

Heyho, gamesplanet!
Thank you :)
Chillax and stay funky,

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so like your mom said when you were born

No need to kill someone on xD